Frequently asked questions:

Do you offer makeup services?

Yes. As well as hair, we do offer makeup as an option. We are partnered with a fabulous company, Make Me Glam. You can check out all their work at

How can I secure my event date?

Your date is secure/booked when the contract and deposit is received.

What is the deposit?

The deposit to secure your date with us is the brides total service costs for the day of the wedding in advance.

Will there be a travel fee?

There is no travel fee if you are within 20 miles of our Bucks county location. After 20 miles a travel fee of .54 cents per mile is applied.

Do I need a trial? When should I get a trail?

Trials are HIGHLY recommended. They are primarily scheduled on weekdays and encouraged 1-2 months prior to your wedding day.

How should I figure out a start time for that day?

When figuring out timing for that day please take into consideration the following:

  • are you doing a first look?
  • what time do you and the bridal party have to leave the house/hotel to arrive at the venue?
  • what time the photographer is coming? How much time does the photographer need for “getting ready” photos?

After speaking with your photographer and figuring out what time you are expected to be ready for pictures, we will put together a schedule for you and an exact start time.

How should I prepare my hair for an updo/style?

Please come with clean DRY hair. It is a common misconception that hair works better dirty. This is NOT true. The best prep you can do to ensure a great style is to wash and dry the night before, using minimal products.