My name is Lori and I am the owner and lead stylist of Top Knot Hair. I also go by the name of wife & mom.My two kiddos are the driving force behind everything I set to accomplish in life.

I have been a hair stylist for 16 years. Since the moment I can remember I have been styling hair. From barbie dolls, to mannequin heads and everything in between. While I do love cutting and coloring, bridal up styling is truly my passion. There is nothing more exciting and amazing then spending the morning of a brides most important day of her life with her & her family and friends, having so much fun and getting to know some incredible women. 

Then there is THAT moment when a bride looks at herself for the first time with her hair and makeup done, she truly feels beautiful & it all sinks in for her, that right there is my favorite part of the day and the reason I love my job with all my heart.

The idea of traveling to brides to style them came to a head after years and years of watching family, friends and clients being stressed & annoyed with the thought of having to coordinate their entire bridal party & family to one salon at very specific times. I realized this caused so much unnecessary stress to a bride. That’s when Top Knot Hair was born.

In early 2016 I decided it was time to take Top Knot Hair to the next level. I have since dedicated myself full-time to this business and this industry, providing the best customer experience, trendiest styles & most convenient way to be beautified on your wedding day.