Written by Loriann Picozzi

Every season comes with it’s pitfalls. Along with the short days and brisk cold air comes dry, static locks. I live for my winter beanies and hats but unfortunately that only makes matters worse. Luckily, I have learned a few tips and tricks over the years to help you out! 

I think this first one goes without saying, but the salon stylist in me will preach it to a tree. Treatments, treatments, treatments! Just as you need to constantly moisturize your skin in winter, you hair needs the same attention. A great conditioning treatment can go a long way! This can be in the form of a mask, deep conditioner or even your every day conditioner left on for several hours or overnight will do the trick. The one I can’t live without is, it’s a 10 miracle hair mask. The key is to pack some moisture back into that hair at least once a week, if possible. The more moisture the less static. 


The second thing is products. Something as simple as a conditioning balm, or shine spray is all you need to combat the cold. You may be saying ” my hair gets greasy, or oily ” ” it weighs my hair down”. While that may be true 75% of the year, try again in the winter. You might find that it’s just the extra boost your hair needs. Be sure to select light products ( while amazing, thick moroccan oil isn’t for everyone ) squeeze or spray a little in your palm and start at your ends and work your way up. And remember to never put products on your roots. My absolute favorite product for this is hands down Kendra silkening mist. (( it smells like candy and you will thank me later ))

Last but not least, if all else fails, my tried and true static trick ….. take a flat paddle brush, or wet brush and spray a generous amount of your favorite hairspray all over the brush then brush your hair. The spray will put a slight coating on your hair but it will be light enough that it won’t look or feel hair sprayed down. It really is that easy! 


So there ya have it, a couple simple things you can do to combat the staticky, dry, dull days of winter. Here’s to 2019 and some beautiful flowy tresses!